Pelvic-Heart Integration® is a wholistic, comprehensive method and technology for psychotherapy and personal growth which emphasizes the power of sexual energy and the ways in which our culture frequently distorts the natural flow of orgasmic energy. As a result, it provides a valuable framework for sexual growth and healing – both in the sense of unraveling sexual dysfunction and in the sense of fostering and restoring trust and harmony between men and women.

Pelvic-Heart Integration®

Uniting Love and Sexuality, Masculine and Feminine, Pelvis and Heart...

PHI was developed by Jack Painter, Ph.D., whose life's work has been to create "bodymind integration" ways: Initially he developed Postural Integration® in the 1960s and 1970s, Energetic Integration® in the 1980s and 1990s and Pelvic-Heart Integration® as a deepening of the previous inventions. These approaches are all very successful systems that help humanity embrace and develop their deepest potential on all levels. There are three Bodymind Integration Methods developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD. These powerful methods are Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI), Energetic Integration® (EI) and Postural Integration® (PI). In 1988 Jack Painter founded The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) in order to preserve and teach these methods worldwide. See also

ICPIT offers Pelvic-Heart Integration® Certification (see CERTIFICATION) to those in the field interested to guide individuals in PHI work. Certified PHI-practitioners offer individual sessions and/or lead group sessions, and are listed as practitioners in the ICPIT database and online. Practitioners always offer Pelvic-Heart Integration® at the level of ICPIT requirements and ethical standards.

The training of Pelvic-Heart Practitioners is in accordance with Jack Painter's discoveries, given by qualified and certified ICPIT- trainers according to the ICPIT standards. ICPIT was founded by Jack Painter, PhD in 1988 and he was himself a full member of it until his death in 2010). ICPIT outlines the requirements for certification in Pelvic-Heart Integration, Energetic Integration® and Postural Integration® and offers trainings worldwide by certified trainers in all of these Bodymind Integration methods.

PHI : A Model for Uniting Sexuality and Love

Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI) focuses on various dimensions of sexuality and love. It aims at connecting and uniting the masculine and feminine aspects of the person. Masculine and feminine are non stereotypical nor are there strict rules that apply to gender. It is a bit like referring to the Earth as associated with the feminine (Mother Earth), and the Sun with the masculine (Father Sun). For others it is sometimes the other way around, for example the Sun Goddess and Father Moon.... The importance is that we bring consciousness and transformation to the internalised outdated inner models of the masculine and the feminine. Difficulties to develop intimate relationships, energy blockages, bodymind splits, and thought distortions of all kinds, may be signs of a lack of pelvic-heart integration.

PHI : What is it?

Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI) is the last method (in time), which was developed by Jack Painter, PhD (1933-2010). He was a pioneer of the "Human Potential Movement" in California, and developed this methodology, which also has influences from Postural Integration® & Energetic Integration® to help people to get back in touch with their beauty, their purity, their primary innocence, their conciseness, their sexual curiosity and their "peaceful agitation" which can be experienced every stage of your life provided insight adequate support and reflection and feedback from others.

This approach helps you to consciously integrate the energies of your pelvis ( "Pelvis hence pelvic") with you heart qualities ( "heart") on both the physical, emotional, psychological and symbolic level. This approach focuses on the recovery and reactivation of the unity that can exist between your sexual (genitals) and love energy (heart). In PHI, the flow of energy from your heart to your genitals and from your genitals to your heart are seen as expressions of your feminine and masculine inner poles respectively. 

A lot of work happens around the survival patterns that you develop at a young age, in response to inadequate sexual mirroring by parents or educators. Also dealt with are all kinds of sexual trauma that one may have contracted in childhood or later in life as well as problems or complications encountered in therapeutic and other intimate relationships. PHI uses the nine stages of the "Energetic Cycle”, developed by Dr. Painter to support a stepwise learning and therapeutic process around the different sexual stages of development, each of us goes through from birth. The Oedipal phase around age 3.5 to 4 years is an important step, but we also look at what has happened to you as a teenager, adolescent, adult, and elder. PHI is for people of all ages. What will you still go through and develop around the theme of sexuality, eroticism and love? 

The refreshing and playful methodology common to all forms of "Bodymind Integration" provides an answer to the often fraught with taboos and perversion physicality and sexuality of our cultural history. The therapy is an alternative to traditional psychotherapy and applies to anyone who is struggling with confusion around the perceived sexual identity, the erotic and the sexual experience and the relational expressions of love. 

Concretely we look at the level of cleavage that is present between the body, the heart and pelvis, the characterogical effects of inadequate sexual mirroring and the developed survival strategies in order to deal with frustration, compulsions, obsessions, rigidity, frigidity, manic states, perfectionism, loss of passion and meaning, etc ...

With tested "Reichian techniques" (after Wilhelm Reich, MD, the grandfather and mastermind of "body-oriented psychotherapy" see - IBI as well as ICPIT are organizational members of it), breath work, bodymind drama, Gestalt, therapeutic touch (possible deep tissue work if the therapist is trained in it) we work on the sexual and heart blockages and the connection of both areas also on a cognitive level. The genital relational development from the age of four onwards is divided into eight phases. In each phase, there is a different relationship structure which creates certain attachment styles, another relationship-content and there are other functions for parents, children and other members of the family system. This relationship-contents are deeply elaborated in PHI and in each stage "bodymind drama" setups are being used (such as father-mother-child configurations and ancestral male and female lines) in order to give a healthier place to curiosity, excitement and innocence, as well as to allow for a healing physiological regulation, with effects on the subjective and objective well-being.

More information about the historical foundations of this work can be found on this website as well


A piece of History about PHI



Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI) was developed by Jack W. Painter, Ph.D. (1933-2010), whose life's work has been to create Bodymind Integration ways (i.e. procedures, protocols and systems). Initially he developed a body based process-orientated therapy, Postural Integration® (PI) in the 1960s and 1970s. He then developed Energetic Integration® (EI) a breath-orientated life energy therapy in the 1980s and 1990s. After a period of collaboration with Drs. Willem Poppeliers from the Netherlands with whom he gave the very first training courses in Sexual Grounding; he formalised a distinct method, Pelvic-Heart Integration (PHI) which is his final contribution in broadening the field of BodyMind Integration. This method is a synthesis of body, breath and energy therapy combined with bodymind drama (an original embodied form of psychodrama), body reading and Eastern Philosophy. PHI was fully developed in the late 1990s and 2000s and also deepened its predecessors PI and EI, with a focus on establishing sexual grounding and health and integration of pelvic-heart connections. Together, these three approaches are extremely valuable and effective systems that help individuals and groups embrace and successfully develop their deepest Bodymind potential.

The culmination of his efforts and collaborations with ICPIT-Trainers has resulted into a powerful state-of-the-art method being taught by certified ICPIT Trainers though out the world. Introductory workshops, one year personal growth trainings and comprehensive three year programs are now available world wide.

ICPIT Certified trainings where held in Belgium with Dirk Marivoet (PHI Trainer), in Austria with Elisabeth Renner (PHI Trainer) and Margot Wieser (1951-2014) and in Italy with Carmine Piroli (PHI Trainer) and Gilberto Bianchi. In the USA he gave workshops and collaborated with Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D. (1951-2015).

PHI-Process19For a full list of all current accredited trainers of Bodymind Integration (amongst whom are the Pelvic-Heart Integration® Trainers), see ICPIT-MEMBERS and ICPIT-COUNCIL.