The International Institute for Pelvic-Heart Integration

Dirk Marivoet

Certified Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®

Dirk is a Registered Psychotherapist (ECP#408079, Full member of EAP, BVP-ABP, WAPCEPC & VVPMT). He makes his home in Belgium, where he lives with his family and runs his private practice and institute. He studied Psychomotor Therapy & Physical Therapy at the University of Leuven. There he was staff member Psychiatry and involved in the training of interns for many years. He studied with Jack W. Painter since the mid 1980s and is a Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration® (certified as a practitioner in 2001), Energetic Integration® (certified practitioner since 1992) and Postural Integration® (certified practitioner since 1989). Dirk collaborated closely with Jack in all three methods of Bodymind Integration between 1985 and 2010. He also studied under John Pierrakos and is a teacher and supervisor at the Netherlands and Greek Institutes for Core-Energetics (He is certified as a practitioner in 1999). He is the co-founder of the Core Science Foundation..

Elisabeth Renner

Certified Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®

Certified Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration Mag Elisabeth Renner is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Body Psychotherapist living in Graz, Austria. She graduated from University of Vienna where she did her post graduate clinical work and later studied with Jack Painter for more than 10 years. Together they hosted many trainings through out Austria, Germany and Italy. She is a certified trainer in all three (Bodymind Methods); Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration®. Elisabeth has her private office in Graz and offers annual trainings and workshops in PI, EI and PHI.

Martina Möbius

Certified Practitioner in PHI and Helper-Trainer

Certified Practitioner for Pelvic-Heart Integration®. She is the Helper-Trainer in this training. Psychotherapist and is also a certified practitioner in Shiatsu, Babyshiatsu and Shiatsu for Children. A Life and Social Consultant, a graduated Social Worker and a graduated nurse and nurse teacher.

Carmine Piroli

Certified Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®

Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist. Lives and works in Rome, where he is born. Author of "Il corpo integrato. Teorie e tecniche psicocorporee nella psicoterapia e nel counselling". Studied with Jack W. Painter. Certified ICPIT trainer in Pelvic-Heart Integration®, Postural Integration® and Energetic Integration®. Works for ASPIC (Università Populare di Counseling - Scuola Superiore Europea di Counseling in Rome) where he leads seminars and trainings in "IL CORPO CHE CURA IL CORPO." Carmine is a warmhearted person and trainer with a broad interest in culture, literature, science and society and he loves sports, time close to the sea, walks in mountains and fun with people.