Pelvic-Heart Integration in the Netherlands


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Dirk Marivoet & Elisabeth RennerPelvic-Heart Introductory Workshop in Nijmegen (NL) March, 25-28, 2016 with Dirk Marivoet & Elisabeth Renner. We often resign ourselves to repeating cycles of being attracted to and then rejected by the opposite sex. This pattern of finding a short lived happiness and joy often leads to a plunging again into unforeseen frustration and heartbreak. We can first become intrigued and then often times overwhelmed by the mystery of the opposite sex. Yet when we really feel both, the masculine and feminine sides within us and then letting these parts of us interact with each other... we can find our way to a sustainable excitement, deep love and even ecstasy. Our sexuality then comes from the wonderful mystery from within and guides us in our relationship with the self and ultimately our relationships with others.

In this workshop we will introduce Pelvic-Heart Integration and discover how our characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, and body armor block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. We use breath, movement and mindful touch to feel the unity of love and satisfaction. Psychodrama, imagery and role plays enables us to explore the sexual and heart energy from our ancestors and our inner triangle (father, mother, child), which becomes a template for future relationships. Experiencing the spiritual presence of our ancestors is powerful and helps us to heal old wounds carried on through generations. Pelvic-Heart Integration is very helpful and supportive in creating a new wave of consciousness and body mind awareness within us all.

Seminar Leaders:

ICPIT-Trainer-Dirk-MarivoetDirk Marivoet, PT, PMT, ECP (B): Certified Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®. Dirk is registered Psychotherapist. He makes his home in Belguim where he lives with his family and runs his private practice and institute. Dirk studied Psychomotor Therapy & Physical Therapy at the University of Leuven. There he was a staff member and adjunct faculty in Psychiatry for many years. He studied with Jack W. Painter from the mid 1980s and is a certified trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Postural Integration®. Over the years Jack and Dirk collaborated on lots of projects and offered many trainings together. He is the currently the acting Secretariat for ICPIT in addition to setting policy and maintaining international presence for the organisation. Dirk enjoys his quiet times out in nature, alone, with friends and family, and whenever time allows it, he does one or the other small or larger indigenous ceremony. 

ICPIT-Trainer-Elisabeth_Renner2Elisabeth Renner (A):

Certified Trainer for Pelvic-Heart Integration®

Mag Elisabeth Renner is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Body Psychotherapist living in Graz, Austria. She graduated from University of Vienna where she did her post graduate clinical work and later studied with Jack Painter for more than 10 years. Together they hosted many trainings through out Austria, Germany and Italy. She is a certified trainer in all three (Bodymind Methods); Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration® and Pelvic-Heart Integration®. Elisabeth has her private office in Graz and offers annual trainings and workshops through out Europe in PI, EI and PHI. Every year Elisabeth also offers a body & nature wisdom seminar in Hawaii… when on island, she loves to swim with wild Spinner dolphins and Humpback whales!

Information and enrollment:

Elisabeth Renner         : +43 676 3121929 / +43 676 6238785/

Dirk Marivoet : +32 9 228 49 11 / +32 486 69 05 70 /

Practicalities & Costs

The language of the International Workshop will English (possibilities to translate into German, Dutch and French)

When: March 25, 2016 (18h30) until Monday, March 28, 2016 (16h00)

Where: Cordium, de Ruyterstraat 65 in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

Workshop Fee: 450 Euros (after February 1st)

Early birds 420 Euros (before February)

Enroll by email and make payment to : BE24 0017 2768 0538 of Institute Bodymind Integration

Reference to: „PHI-workshop Nijmegen.“

Food Costs: 

Food catering costs during the workshop will be 120 Euros (which includes all meals, snacks, tee, coffee, fruit, etc.)


Sleeping on a mattrass is possible in one of the practice or grouprooms for 10 Euros per night, to be paid there (Please bring your sleeping bag or sheets, blankets are available). If you require more comfortable accommodations, you may also book a B&B in the neighborhood.

Conditions for Enrollment and Cancellation

  1. Registration per email and our confirmation email counts as definitive enrollment
  2. Cancellation is possible via a confirmation email from us
  3. Cancellation until 3 weeks prior to the workshop: a cost of 25 % of the workshop fee is due.
  4. Cancellation within 3 weeks prior to the workshop: the full cost would apply.
  5. Upon cancellation, you may provide another person to replace you. In this case, no cost is due.
  6. Upon enrollment and payment earlier than 3 weeks prior to commencement of the workshop, you may cancel without cost within 7 days of enrolment.
  7. Upon cancellation due to illness or if you don't shop up for the workshop, the same policy apply as under conditions 4 and 5;  plus the cost for previously reserved lodging is due.