International Practioners Training in PHI
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3-Year Practitioners Training in PHI

ICPIT offers a 3- Year Certification Training in Pelvic-Heart Integration® (600+ hours) given by certified ICPIT-trainers in Pelvic-Heart Integration®. If you are interested to take such a training, please send your request to the ICPIT-secretariat.

For Whom: For all interested people and practitioners in the field, interested to increase their level of experience, skill and understanding of psychosexual bodymind work. For people interested in Personal Development. For therapists in the field of Body Psychotherapy (Students and practitioners in Postural Integration®, Energetic Integration®, Core Energetics, Bodymind Therapy, Hakomi, Gestalt Therapy, Reichian oriented Therapies, Body Therapy (Shiatsu, Massage, Movement Education, etc.)

International Workshops in PHI
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International Workshops

In these Workshops with Dirk Marivoet and Elisabeth Renner, certified trainers, supervisors and continuators of PHI you will be able to explore:

  • New Levels of Excitement and Pleasure.
  • Patterns of Sexual Frustration from the Past.
  • How to Get the Masculine and Feminine Together.
  • How to Fully Live your Sexuality in the Present, Inspired by the Past and Future.

PHASE I: Claiming the Body’s Excitement and Searching for the Origins of Desire

  • Breath and Awakened Desire. Using a variety of breathing techniques to discover new levels of excitement and giving ourselves the power and freedom to express any accumulated or forbidden charge.
  • The Body Reveals. Locating and expressing our sexual frustrations and blocks, touching, holding and stimulating the tensions in muscles and tissue.
  • Acknowledging Our Physical Duality. Exploring how our bodies hold both our masculinity and feminity and how this is both a conflict and promise.

PHASE II: The Dynamic Trio

  • The Life-Long Trio: The Masculine, Feminine and Sexual Self in Different Stages of Life. The ever-present force of mother and father in our sexuality; looking at how our growing and changing bodies express sexuality in childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age; how our character is formed and reformed throughout our lives.
  • Harmonizing Masculine and Feminine Energies in the Body. Supporting the masculine pelvic-heart flow with both inner parents; supporting the feminine flow with both inner parents; recapturing childhood innocence, curiosity and excitment at each stage of our lives.

PHASE III: Developing and Sustaining Love Fusing the Heart and Genitals. Using breath, gestalt and soft tissue work to connect the fundamental dimensions of bodymind; touching and connecting the pelvic and heart regions.

  • The Fullness and Constancy of Love. Allowing love shared with others to grow; discovering how love is a part of our inner experience during the presence or absence of the lover.
  • Spiritual Sexuality in the Body. Connecting with our past, present and future through the heart and pelvis; letting excitement flow through the generations; sexual and spiritual satisfaction in the present.
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"Pelvic-Heart Integration®* is a comprehensive, methodic and experiential practice of Bodymind Integration, developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD, that helps you to consciously integrate the sexual energies associated with your pelvis with the emergent qualities of your heart (e.g. feelings of trust, love, caring, sensitivity, compassion, …). We "wear our hearts on our faces" and also express connection through our voices, gestures, and touches. In PHI we not only foster trust and safety around the issues of love and sexuality within human relationships but also improve health and physiological regulation at the level of our autonomic nervous system".. Dirk Marivoet, MSc

Pelvic-Heart Integration®* (also known as Heart in Sexuality) offers a comprehensive theory and techniques that can be practiced both in the context of psychotherapy as well as in an environment of personal growth. PHI emphasizes the necessity to connect and to integrate the power of instinctual sexual drives with our social engagement functions and heart to heart communication. Seen the many ways in which our culture has distorted the natural flow of sexual, ecstatic and orgasmic emotional expressions, it provides a valuable framework for integration, growth and for healing. Primordial in the practice is the necessity to create a context of safety in which the forces of love, eros and sexuality can be unified, and dysfunctions or traumas can safely be unraveled and healed. Another goal of the work involves the developent of trust, dialogue and growing harmony between the masculine and the feminine, men and women, as well as healty mirroring of these forces for children.

*The name and the method Pelvic-Heart Integration are the intellectual property and legally protected by trademarks/service rights) The name can only be used by practitioners certified by Dirk Marivoet & Elisabeth Renner (see practitioners list)

Pelvic-Heart Integration®

Uniting Love and Sexuality, Masculine and Feminine, Pelvis and Heart (+Face+Voice...)

PHI was developed by Jack Painter, Ph.D., whose life's work has been to create "bodymind integration" ways: Initially he developed Postural Integration® in the 1960s and 1970s, Energetic Integration® in the 1980s and 1990s and Pelvic-Heart Integration® as a deepening of the previous inventions. These approaches are all very successful systems that help humanity embrace and develop their deepest potential on all levels. There are three Bodymind Integration Methods developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD. These powerful methods are Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI), Energetic Integration® (EI) and Postural Integration® (PI). .

Dirk Marivoet, MSc. & Mag. Elisabeth Renner offer Pelvic-Heart Integration® Certification (see CERTIFICATION) to those in the field interested to guide individuals in Psychosexual bodyoriented work. Certified PHI-practitioners offer individual sessions and/or lead group sessions, and are listed as practitioners in the Institute's database and online. Practitioners always offer Pelvic-Heart Integration® at the level of requirements and ethical standards.

PHI : A Model for Uniting Sexuality and Love

Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI) focuses on various dimensions of sexuality and love. At the level of our neurophysiology, it aims at connecting our genitals, heart, face and voice. In creating this, it also helps us in uniting the masculine and feminine aspects within our personality in a playful and exciting way. Masculine and feminine are non stereotypical nor are there strict rules that apply to gender. It is a bit like referring to the Earth as associated with the feminine (Mother Earth), and the Sun with the masculine (Father Sun). For others it is sometimes the other way around, for example the Sun Goddess and Father Moon.... The importance is that we bring consciousness and transformation to the internalised outdated inner models of the masculine and the feminine. Difficulties to develop intimate relationships, energy blockages, bodymind splits, and thought distortions of all kinds, may be signs of a lack of pelvic-heart integration.


Pelvic-Heart Integration® is practiced by certified practitioners* and helps you to consciously integrate the energies of the pelvis with the emergent qualities of the heart ( "hence pelvic-heart"). Since we "wear our heart on our face" and express it through our voice and gestures, we are looking for ways to create safety around the issues of love, eros and sexuality within relationships. In Pelvic-Heart Integration, we consider the flow of energy from your heart (which qualities are being expressed in our face and in the prosody of our voice) to your genitals and from your genitals to your heart (including the expression in the face and the voice) are seen as expressions of your feminine and masculine inner poles respectively. 

In this journey we deal with common survival patterns that you develop at a young age, in response to inadequate sexual mirroring by parents or educators. We explore - applying the underlying theories - how we can become socially engaged and safe again in our sexual and loving capacities. In many peoples' lives a range of sexual traumatization, misuse or abuse has occurred. These traumas may have been contracted in childhood or later in life as well as through problems or complications encountered in therapeutic and other intimate relationships. In PHI we make use of an experiential, playful and yet sophisticated and elaborate therapy model that has been clinically tested. Central in the model is what is known as the "Energetic Cycle” (consisting of nine stages well defined stages). This map offers a stepwise learning and therapeutic process around the different sexual stages of childhood development and into maturity and it's blockages. In this natural energy cycle, the Oedipal phase (occurring around the age 3.5 to 4 years of age) is an important period, but in PHI we also explore and look at the things that have happened to you as a teenager, adolescent, adult, and elder. PHI has the potential to improve the love and sexual life of people of all ages. 

A playful, safe, socially engaged and refreshing methodology

Thanks to the refreshing and playful methodology common to all forms of "Bodymind Integration," Pelvic-Heart integration® lowers the barriers to heal deep pains around love and sexuality. Traditionally in our shared cultural history, love and sexuality have been fraught with taboos and perversions. The therapy is an alternative to traditional psychotherapy and applies to anyone who is struggling with confusion around the perceived sexual identity, the erotic and the sexual experience and loving relational expressions. 

Concretely we look at the level of cleavage that is present between the body, the heart and pelvis (also extended to the striated expressive muscles of the face, the limbs, and core of the body), the characterogical dynamics as a result of inadequate mirroring, and the survival strategies that keep us in frustration, compulsions, obsessions, rigidity, frigidity, manic states, perfectionism, loss of passion and meaning, etc ...

Typical of Jack Painter's classes were the use of play, music (singing), drama, and off course all kinds of bodywork, neural exercises and psychotherapeutic techniques. In PHI we are using all that, plus the most recent insights coming from current neurobiological and trauma theories (Polyvagal Theory, etc.).  So the traditional Reichian techniques (after Wilhelm Reich, MD, the grandfather and mastermind of "body-oriented psychotherapy" see, the breath work, bodymind drama, Gestalt, therapeutic touch (possible deep tissue work if the therapist is trained in it) will always support the regulation of our system in the areas of sexuality and love, leading us to the potentialisation of our higher emerging qualities like finding pleasure, satisfaction, orgasm, ecstasy, connectedness, compassion, etc.  The genital relational development from the age of four onwards is divided into eight phases. In each phase, there is a different relationship structure which creates certain attachment styles, another relationship-content and there are other functions for parents, children and other members of the family system. This relationship-contents are deeply elaborated in PHI and in each stage "bodymind drama" setups are being used (such as father-mother-child configurations and ancestral male and female lines) in order to give a healthier place to curiosity, excitement and innocence, as well as to allow for a healing physiological regulation, with effects on the subjective and objective well-being.

Pelvic-Heart Integration® (PHI) is the last method (in time), which was developed by Jack Painter, PhD (1933-2010). He was a pioneer of the "Human Potential Movement" and developed this methodology. PHI is practiced by certified ICPIT practitioners.  PHI has influences from Postural Integration® & Energetic Integration® the first two bodymind integration methods, Jack created in his lifetime to help people get back in touch with their beauty, their purity, their primary innocence, their conciseness, their sexual curiosity and their "peaceful agitation" which can be experienced every stage of your life provided insight adequate support and reflection and feedback from others.