June 15-17 2018

facilitated by Dirk Marivoet

NOOSFERA Vrisoules, Xilokastro Greece

Sometimes in the cycle of living, loving and just plain surviving we men can lose ourselves or become uncertain about what it means to be a man today.

We’re called upon to be providers, protectors and achievers – the strong spines – and at the same time loving, emotionally open and available – a full hearted being. But from time to time we feel like we are running on empty. And our life challenges may leave us feeling disconnected or alone.

This workshop is for men of diverse ethnic or spiritual backgrounds, or sexual orientation who are willing to communicate on an authentic valued level and want to connect more fully with their identity as a man. That is an epic journey of discovery that all men must travel… And this journey of growth of men is a journey inwards.

You can learn how we explore in many ways the many issues which repeatedly arise for men: isolation, competitiveness, loneliness, lack of friendship with other men, numbness to your own feelings, difficulty in developing intimacy, emotional over-dependence on women, lack of positive masculine identity, depression, frustration, inappropriate expressions of anger,..

After this workshop you find that you are more available to your families, loved ones and communities, and more in touch with your body and your purpose. You will simply be a better partner, lover, father, friend and man.


Dirk Marivoet is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Belgium.

A psychotherapist-supervisor and a deep bodyworker in private practice for over 30 years,he works with individuals and groups. . He is staff member of NICE (Training institute of Core-Energetics in the Netherlands) , the International Institute for Pelvic-Heart Integration and guest teacher at several other institutes Worldwide. He previously served as adjunct faculty psychiatry for over 10 years at the University of Leuven. Dirk enjoys helping both men and women in finding their own identity and ways of relating. He also has a background in shamanism – where the now encompasses past, present and future – and ancestral healing.


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